Send poop in the mail to show you care.

A good joke is way cheaper than therapy. Pick from the finest  selection of gag gifts, funny gifts, prank gifts and luxurious poop in a box.
Is your service anonymous to the recipient?

Yes. We guarantee it. No identifiable information is included in any gag gift package delivered that is marked to be anonymous.

Why do I choose a charity with my anonymous order?

For any anonymous delivery, a minimum of $1 dollar additional charge is donated to a charity of our choice.

You can increase your donation to $5, $10, $15, or $25 to a charity of your choice from our provided list of charity options.

If you select a charity for a $5 or more donation, the charity you picked and the donation amount is included in the delivered package.

What the hell is the Frequent Asshole Redemption Team?

Some people are good at being assholes, and they know it. Recipients who have registered and been verified with the www.ShitRoses.com Frequent Asshole Redemption Team (FART) have no restrictions on the number and frequency of packages delivered to them.

All FART Members have an fixed additional $10 donation charge to a charity of FART Member’s choice applied to every order sent to them.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Bitcoin and Paypal.

When will my gag gift novelty package be delivered?

Your humor novelty package will leave our facility within 7 – 10 business days of being ordered. Most delivery times to anywhere in the contiguous USA are 6 – 8 days.

Can I send more than one prank gift at a time?

An order or package can contain multiple items without restriction.

You can send an order or package to any number of different recipients without restriction.

However, each recipient is limited to only two different seperately shipped orders or packages from www.ShitRoses.com each calendar year.

For, example, you can send the first package of two of items on their birthday, and a second package of four items for Christmas each year.

You just can’t send a single recipient three or more separately mailed packages in a single calendar year.

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